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Low Impact Development (LID)

EPCOR is working to reduce the risk of flooding in Edmonton. Our plans include the use of green stormwater infrastructure, which includes Low Impact Development (LID) facilities that slow stormwater from entering the sewer system and reduces demands on the sewer infrastructure.

LID is a type of stormwater management facility that incorporates plants, engineered soils and natural processes to capture stormwater runoff close to its source. Stormwater enters the LID and flows into the engineered soil layer with the ability to capture, and filter stormwater. Specially selected plants then absorb the water or it evaporates. Any excess water that isn't used by the plants and soils drains into the stormwater system.

The benefits of LID

  • LID helps reduce local flooding. In smaller rain events the amount of rain can be entirely absorbed by the plants and soil in the LID facility. In bigger storms, the LID facility slows the speed of the water entering the underground pipes which can help reduce the peak and control the flow reducing the flooding in our neighbourhoods.
  • The soils and plants filter pollutants and stop them from entering the underground pipes. In neighbourhoods with a combined sewer system, the frequency of untreated water being discharged into the river will be reduced.
  • They provide green spaces that can help our bees and wildlife.
  • Plants absorb pollution from the air and reduce the amount of heat that is reflected off the pavement.

EPCOR has identified four types of LID that will benefit our sewer system and environment:

Over the next few years you will start to see more LID around Edmonton. If you would like to see LID in action, visit the Terwillegar or Meadows Recreation Centres or the Edmonton Valley Zoo. They have incorporated LID into the landscaping and aesthetics at their facilities.

If you're interested in installing an LID on your own property, we suggest installing a rain garden. Rain Gardens provide you with more than beautiful landscaping. If you have experienced flooding on your property or want to help Edmonton adapt to climate change, rain gardens may be a good option. A rain garden, like all LID, helps to reduce the risk of property flooding and can add aesthetic value.

EPCOR has developed a number of tools and resources to help with installing LID: