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EPCOR Drainage Services

EPCOR looks after Edmonton’s drainage system, a complex network of pipes and facilities that carries wastewater from homes and businesses, and stormwater away from streets and properties.

Learn about the many ways EPCOR Drainage Services is working in the community to ensure the safe movement of wastewater and stormwater in Edmonton.



Flooding and flood prevention

Learn about EPCOR’s flood prevention programs in Edmonton, home owner maintenance tips and what you can do to help protect your home or business from floods or sewer backups during storms.

Protect against flooding


Catch basins and manhole covers

Clogged ca​tch basins prevent water from moving off the road and into the drainage system. Manhole covers are unsafe if they become dislodged. Know what to do if you have a concern.

Catch basin and
manhole concerns


Stormwater facility safety

Discover which community ponds are stormwater fa​cilities,​ how they manage stormwater drainage to help prevent flooding and why they aren’t safe for recreation.

Stormwater facilities


Drainage rates, terms and conditions

Understand your drainage, sanitary and stormwater fees, what is all included in your fee and how we determine our rates.

Learn about
drainage rates


Drainage services for new developments

Learn about sewer design guidelines for all types of new developments and how to get your plans approved.

Drainage System Guidelines


Edmonton flood mitigation

EPCOR’s drainage services is working to mitigate flooding in Edmonton, which includes helping everyone understand how we can work together to achieve our goal.

About Flood Mitigation


Drainage Customer Service

Know how to contact us with a concern or to report an Edmonton drainage emergency.

Drainage Customer Service