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Power cables on your property

You are responsible for any power​ service cables that run from your property line up to and including your power meter socket. There are specific steps you need to take if there is a cable fault.

Learn what you should
do about a cable fault

Water pipes on your property

Access to​ water is our shared responsibility. In addition​ to helping to prevent flooding, you are responsible for utility service line repairs on your property.
Keep your water pipes
in good repair

Drainage pipes on y​our property

You have a role to play in helping us keep wastewater and stormwater moving efficiently into the drainage sy​stem.
Maintain the sewer lines
on your property

 Reporting a water leak

The underground pipes that carry water from our treatment plants to Edmonton homes and businesses can break under environmental stress. Always report broken and leaking water pipes, whether on your property or on City property.

Report a water leak

Water s​hutoff valves

For plumbing installations or repairs, or in the case of a flood or back-up, you'll want to turn the water off to your property.

Turning the water off

Landscaping and clearance requirements ​near power equipment

Homeowners have a responsibility to maintain space around electrical equipment on their property. When EPCOR crews need to access this equipment, it's important that there's room to work safely.

Understand the minimum clearance
for electrical equipment