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Water meter changes coming to Edmonton 

Starting in fall 2023, EPCOR will begin installing water meter reading devices‒also called Advanced Metering Infrastructure or AMI‒on most water meters in Edmonton. Th​​e​​​se devices will remotely provide accurate, timely water consumption information in a safer and more environmentally-friendly way. 

 Your AMI device will look like one of these set-ups, depending on the type of water meter currently installed in your home: ​



​Benefits of AMI devices 

  • Improved monthly billing – water meters are able to be read remotely without EPCOR having to enter a customer’s property.
  • Early leak detection – AMI has the ability to share real-time data to indicate if customers are experiencing a leak in their home, which will reduce the chance of receiving an expensive water bill. While this functionality will not be available immediately once installed, EPCOR plans to add this functionality at a later date.​
  • Timely information– once available, real-time water data will help customers make decisions about their water use.​
  • Safety and enviro​nmental conservation – met​er readers will no longer need to access private property or drive around the city to read meters, which will reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Installing AMI devices

Unlike power meters, water meters are located inside homes and properties, usually in the basement. Customers will need to schedule appointment​s with our installation provider, Neptune Technology Group, to install the devices on the water meter inside their home. These installations will happen from 2023 to 2025. The installations are being done by zone throughout the City of Edmonton. View the map below to see when installations in your neighbourhood will begin. ​​​

​Zones for water meter device installations

Anticipated inst​allation timelines per zone

​Anticipated dates​​
​October 2023 - April 2024
​April 2024 - August 2024
​August 2024 - November 2024​
​November 2024 - January 2025​
5​ ​January 2025 - May 2025
​May 2025 - December 2025
*Number of months installations are estimated to take in each zone.


​Water meters with AMI reading devices are EPCOR’s standard water meter for the City of Edmonton. Customers who choose not to have an AMI device installed on their property will have to pay fees associated with non-standard equipment and a monthly meter reading fee.  

Customer notifications

When installations are starting in your neighbourhood, you will receive the following: 

  • A bill notification from EPCOR about one month before installations begin in your zone.  
  • A brochure from our installer, Neptune, about two to three weeks before installations begin.  
  • Reminders from Neptune for those who have not booked an appointment. These might be doorknockers, phone calls or a visit from a Neptune representative. ​
  • Regular updates posted on EPCOR’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram channels.  


About advanced metering

What is AMI?

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is an automated meter reading technology that is now an industry standard for efficient meter reading for many utility providers. These devices will gather water usage data automatically without the need for EPCOR to enter your property each month to obtain a read.  ​

Who will be getting new AMI devices?

Most EPCOR customers will be getting the new AMI devices in their homes or business by 2025. We will notify property owners when their installation period is set to begin, or you can view the map above to see when installations will begin in your area. ​

How does AMI work?

An AMI meter reading device will be installed in your home or business. The device connects to your water meter and sends data to our EPCOR billing system through a low frequency radio signal using the system already in place with our electricity meters.  ​

Why is EPCOR installing these devices?

Most water meters currently installed in homes and businesses in Edmonton are part of an aging meter reading system that is reaching the end of its lifecycle and due for replacement. AMI infrastructure is also quickly becoming the industry standard for water meters across North America to increase efficiency and operations and provide additional insight into water usage. ​

Are the new AMI devices free?

There are no out-of-pocket costs to customers for the new AMI devices or installation. ​

Can I choose a water meter that does not use an AMI device?

Water meters with AMI reading devices are EPCOR’s standard water meter for the City of Edmonton. Customers who choose not to have an AMI device installed on their property will have to pay fees associated with non-standard equipment and a monthly meter reading fee. ​


How will AMI devices be installed?

EPCOR has hired Neptune Technology Group to complete the AMI device installations. Since most water meters in Edmonton are located in the customer’s basement, customers will need to book an appointment online through Neptune to complete the installation in their home.  ​

How will I know when it is time for my AMI device to be installed?

EPCOR will send out a notification through your bill one month before installations are beginning in your area. You can also view the map above to see which zone your neighbourhood is in and when installations will start. Customers will receive detailed instructions from our installation provider, Neptune, about how to book your appointment. ​

Will my water be shut off during installation?

Your water service will stay on during installation unless we need to replace or repair your current water meter.  ​

​Sa​fety and Privacy

Are AMI devices safe?
Your AMI meter reading device will send water usage data to EPCOR through a low-frequency signal, which is already used for our electricity meters in Edmonton. These low frequency signals are minimal and are much lower than the signals emitted through cell phones, microwaves, baby monitors, garage door openers, wireless routers and other common household devices. Health Canada​ states the signals used by smart meters have no adverse short- or long-term health effects. 
Is the information transmitted through AMI secure?

We take your privacy very seriously. Identifiable customer information like your name, address, account number, etc. is not stored within the meter — only your water consumption data and a unique code that identifies the transmitter is stored. To provide further security, data is encrypted before it is sent to us. Our water AMI devices will share information through the same system our electricity meters use, which uses encryption technology used by many Canadian financial institutions. ​