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How is your information protected?

We take your privacy very seriously and at no time is any identifiable customer information transmitted through the advanced metering system.

When selecting the advanced meters for our system, we made sure the information transmitted is encrypted and only contains an individualized transmitter number and meter read (total electricity consumption). The transmitter number is unique for each customer and matched to your account once it enters our Meter Data Management System.

How do we make sure your meter's safe?

To ensure the safe, reliable delivery of electricity, we complete visual inspections of the meter and other electrical facilities for all property owners in Edmonton on an ongoing basis. If an issue is identified, we discuss it with the homeowner to make necessary repairs. In some cases we disconnect the power for your safety, and the safety of your property.​​

For more information, see Meter Inspection Process.

​Advanced Water Meter Infrastructure

Looking for information on the advanced metering infrastructure for water meters?