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​Monitor energy usage at home or work

Home energy monitors allow you to view real-time data about energy consumption at your home or business. Home energy monitoring systems and devices provide insights and details about how much electricity you are using.

Your monthly electricity bill provides you with a summary of your usage over the  month. Whereas a home energy monitor allows you to increase your awareness and understanding of when you are using electricity and what you are using it for.​​

Will a home energy monitor​​​​​ work with the power meter?

Advanced power meter

Anyone in Edmonton who has an advan​ced power meter (Landis + Gyr meter) installed at their home or business can purchase and use a home energy monitor. Only home energy monitors that are ZigBee certified products are compatible with our advanced metering system.

What is Zigbee? 

Zigbee is wireless communication module that supports residential and industrial equipment requiring short-range and low-rate wireless data transfer (such as home automation devices and home energy monitors).

In order to connect the power meter at your location to your chosen home energy monitoring device, we are enabling the Zigbee communication module inside the meter. You are responsible for the security of your home area network and we recommend using a secure password (not the default password).​​

Compatible home energy monitors 

The following four home energy monitoring systems are ZigBee certified and have been tested to ensure they're compatible with our advanced metering system.

​​​Home energy monitoring sys​​​​tems​
​Manufacturer link
*Info required from side or back of device​​

​​AzTech – 5000-0908 C - Home energy monitoring kit​
​- Front
- Back
​- EUI
- IC

​​Energate – FZ100 - Smart home energy monitor


​​- Front
- Back
​- MAC

​​Rainforest automation model: EAGLE-200
​- Front
- Back
​- MAC
- IN

​​​Rainforest automation model: EMU-2-RFA-Z105-2

​​- ​Front
- Back
​- MAC
- IN

*This information is required for the connection request form. Learn more about this form in the "How to set up and use your home energy monitor"​ section below.

H​ow do I purchase a home energy monitor?

Consumers can purchase home energy monitoring systems through the manufacturer or supplier. The list above provides manufacturer details of compatible monitoring ​devices. Please note this is not an exhaustive list and consumers should research to find the vendor(s) and the product(s) that works for them.​

By connecting the power meter at your location to your chosen home energy monitoring device, we are enabling the Zigbee communication module inside the meter. You are responsible for the security of your home area network and we recommend using a secure password (not the default password).​​​

How to set up and use your home energy monitor​

  1. Follow the manufacturer's setup instructions.
  2. Complete the connection request form and email it to You'll need info found on your new monitoring device, your EPCOR bill, and your meter number (highlighted with a purple box in image).
  3. Once we get your request, we'll connect your device to the power meter location within 2 business days.
  4. Start to monitor your electricity use.​​​​

Using your smart hom​e energy monitoring system 

Depending on the home metering energy monitor you choose there may be some differences in the products.

The following are some common questions related to the different home assistant energy monitors including some of the differences and uses of them.

What is the difference between Energy and Power?

Your monitor might display a couple of terms you thought meant something similar, when technically they are different. Energy is the kilowatt hours delivered and billed to residential customers. Power is the rate at which electricity flows to and from your home.

How do I monitor my energy usage?

Home energy monitors provide real-time data on your energy consumption vs a monthly summary from your retailer. 

You can view a monthly summary of your home or business’ energy usage (consumption) data by contacting your electricity retailer. Many retailers have online portals to enable customers to access their billing history, payments and usage information. If EPCOR is your chosen retailer, you can log into My Account​ to see your monthly electr​icity usage. 

If you have specific questions about your account or energy usage, your retailer will be able to help you answer any questions you may have. Find a complete listing of retailers in​ the City of Edmonton at​

I have solar panels on my home/business. Ho​​w do I view my consumption and generation details?

Depending on the type of home energy monitor equipment you have selected, you may be able to leverage third party applications and programs to access information for your solar system as shown below. Third party applications and software can provide functionality such as raw display from the device and you may also be able to view the raw data combined with the output from your solar panel system with third party software. There are a wide variety of applications and software products on the market designed to help consumers with this type of investigation.

Your consumer experience will vary depending on the product you choose.

​Need more information about home energy monitoring devices? 

AzTech and Rainforest Automation​ are manufacturers with compatible systems and helpful information for home or business owners​.

If you have additional questions, you can reach out to our Advanced Metering team via email at