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About advanced meters

What's Advanced Metering?

​The power meter at your home or business records and stores the number of kilowatt-hours of electricity you use. An advanced meter encrypts this usage data and transmits it to EPCOR. This means we will be able to get your power meter reading without visiting your yard, home or business every month like we do now.

Advanced metering systems, like the one we're using in Edmonton, have been in use throughout North America for more than 10 years. When this system is teamed with our grid management system, we will be notified automatically if your power goes out. What does that mean for you? Well, we can get a more accurate picture of where an outage is and send our crews out faster to restore power to the affected area(s) as quickly and safely as possible.

How Are Advanced Meters Different From the Meter EPCOR Previously Used?

​In the past, a meter reader would visit your yard, home, or business every month to read the power meter and provide us with your total electricity consumption. With the advanced metering system, we'll no longer need to access your property to read your power meter — your usage information will be transmitted to us remotely instead. However, a meter reader may still need to access your home to read your water meter and for occasional maintenance and safety inspections.

The advanced meter at your location will encrypt your usage information and send it to us in just seconds every day. The only information contained within the meter is the unique transmitter code and electricity usage for that meter.

The advanced meters transmit this usage data to our Meter Data Management System over the 900 MHz Industrial and Scientific Measurement (ISM) band. We will then validate the meter reads and send your usage information to your chosen electricity retailer every month like we do now.

Why Does Edmonton Need the Advanced Metering Program?

The City of Edmonton continues to grow at a rapid rate and we need to manage our electricity infrastructure to keep up. A modernized metering system will help us reduce operating costs, increase the reliability of the electricity services we provide, and enable us to serve you more effectively in the coming years.

Will There Be Any Changes to My Bill?

With an advanced meter installed at your home or business, your power bill will be based on actual reads instead of a combination of actual and estimated data.

How Do I Know If the Advanced Meter is Accurate?

​The advanced meters we have selected comply with all of the electricity measurement guidelines put forward by Measurement Canada.

Measurement Canada is responsible for ensuring the integrity and accuracy of measurement in the Canadian marketplace. They develop and administer the laws and requirements governing measurement; evaluate, approve and certify measuring devices; and investigate complaints of suspected inaccurate measurement.

Read more about Measurement Canada's guidelines and testing programs.

What Benefits Will I See From the Advanced Metering Program?
  1. Bills that reflect actual consumption.
    Nearly all estimated meter reads will be eliminated.
  2. More accurate information.
    For you when you're moving in or out of your home or business.
  3. Remote hook ups and disconnections.
    For residential customers.
  4. Timely information in the event of a power outage.
    Currently, you let us know when the power goes out. Upgrading to an Advanced Metering System is a key step in allowing us to determine the specific outage area and dispatch a crew faster to restore power as quickly and safely as possible.
  5. Assistance detecting meter tampering and electricity theft.
    A cost saving for all customers.
When Will an Advanced Meter Be Installed at My Home or Business?

We have completed all power meter installations in Edmonton with the exception of a few customers that we are working with on electrical repairs.

How Will the Information Provided by the Advanced Meter be Used?

​There's no change to how your electricity information is used; the timely and accurate data for your bill is simply improved. Other information we'll be collecting will aid in providing safe, reliable electricity. This can include power outage/restoration information, voltage, tampering indicators, etc.


How do I know if there are problems with my meter socket or wiring?

​We complete visual inspections throughout the City of Edmonton on an ongoing basis. During the advanced meter installation process, another visual inspection of the electrical equipment at your property will be conducted.

If there's a safety concern with your meter socket or wiring, you'll receive a letter from us notifying you of the repairs needed. Follow the instructions on the letter and we'll help you get your electrical facilities up and running safely again.

How will the advanced metering project prevent electricity theft and meter tampering?

​Advanced meters notify us if it has been tampered with in any way. This is done remotely over the same network the meter reads are sent over.


Do Advanced Meters Store Personal Information That Someone Could Access?

​We take your privacy very seriously. At no point is identifiable customer information (i.e. name, address, account number, etc.) stored within the meter — only your electricity consumption and a unique code that identifies the transmitter is stored. To provide further security, this data is encrypted before it's transmitted to us. It's the same encryption technology that many Canadian financial institutions use.

Keeping existing meters

Can I keep my existing meter?

We currently install advanced meters as its standard power meter within the City of Edmonton. If you choose not to have a standard meter installed at your location, a non-standard meter that doesn't have the capability to remotely communicate with us may be installed for eligible customers.

Read more about the opt-out program and customer eligibility.

Do You Have The Authority To Change My Meter?

​The authority to exchange the EPCOR electricity meter is granted under the Electricity and Gas Inspection Act (Section 40) and Electricity and Gas Inspection Regulations. For more information please see the EPCOR Distribution Connection Service Terms and Conditions and Measurement Canada.