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How we're ensuring the safety of power meters

When we visually inspect your power meter, we look for any potential problems with your property's electrical facilities and let you know if any repairs are needed. We don't complete full inspections, but we will let you know if we see a problem.

Potential problems

Electrical infrastructure damage can be caused by many factors, including normal aging of the meter socket or service wire, as well as exposed service wires that are pulled down or away from the building.

Routine meter inspections occasionally identify damage or exposure of electrical service wires, meter base, meter socket, or electric service grounds. We might also detect access barriers to the meter or electrical service tampering.

Safety issues to look out for:

​Deck railing covering electrical conduit to meter​​​

Exposed wires below meter

Broken conduit below meter


Meter and conduit pulled away from wall

Meter box pulled out of place
Siding covering meter box and conduit
Rotten wood behind meter causing it to come loose


If you're the property owner, you are responsible for the maintenance and safekeeping of all electrical service wires and equipment on your property that are part of your electric service connection. These would have been installed by the builder or developer when your property was built.

If repairs are necessary, we will work with property owners to identify any issues with the electricity infrastructure on the property to ensure it is in a safe operating condition. This could include referring you to an EPCOR approved electrical contractor.

Note: If repairs aren't completed in a timely manner, your service may be disconnected until the identified repairs are complete and a City of Edmonton electrical permit has passed inspection. ​