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EPCOR must be able to access your yard to get meter readings. If you lock your gate, we may be unable to read your water meter. During the winter months, accessing the meter at your home or business can be potentially dangerous because of heavy snow and icy surfaces. You can help our meter readers remain safe by:
  • Clearing a path to your meter(s) and checking for dangerous snow, ice and buried items.
  • Ensuring that your gate opens easily and isn't blocked by snow or ice.


Dogs pose the greatest safety risk to our meter readers. They can be territorial and often try to protect their property from intruders. If there is a dog in your yard, EPCOR will not enter the yard to get a meter reading due to safety concerns.ā€‹

Identifying your meter reader

Your meter reader will:

  • Wear a uniform with the EPCOR logo
  • Carry EPCOR picture identification

Important: If someone claiming to be a meter reader does not have an EPCOR identification card, do not let them into your yard, home or business.

Knowing your meter reading date

We take readings from the water and power meters at your location on the same day. If you have an advanced power meter at your location, this reading is remotely taken at midnight on the day of your next meter reading. The water meter reading at your location will be taken during regular business hours.

To find out the date of your next meter reading:

  1. Find the Site ID on your utility bill. This number will work regardless of the company that bills you.
  2. Enter the Site ID in the box below and select submit.