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​Water meters

Six-dial meters

The odometer (a) on this type of meter records usage in cubic metres to the nearest 1/10. This image shows 41.0 cubic metres (one cubic metre equals one thousand litres).

The small triangle in the centre of the face is a low-flow indicator (b). It will turn when even a very small amount of water is passing through the meter. If this is moving and everything that uses water in your house is turned off, you have a leak somewhere.

Eight-dial meters

This type of meter is more precise and records usage in cubic metres to the nearest 1/1000. When submitting your meter reading, it's important to record all 8 digits, including the decimal places.

Replacing a water meter

Like any other mechanical device, your water meter will eventually wear out and need replacement. If this becomes necessary for your meter then we will do a replacement, which takes about 45 minutes.

Power meters

The electricity you use in your house is recorded and displayed by the power meter in kilowatt hours (kWh). If you have an advanced meter, your usage will be displayed with the letters DEL in front of it; DEL stands for the amount of electricity delivered to your home or business.

Meters at sites with high energy use (usually commercial properties), only display a fraction of the energy consumed. This is to prevent the meter display from reaching 999,999 and then "rolling over" past 000,000 too often. These meters have a multiplier indicated on the front of the meter. Your power consumption is measured by reading the meter and multiplying by this number.