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Getting started


The Retailer must contact Retailer Communication at (780) 412-7899 or The Retailer Communication team will coordinate with the Retailer Liaison to complete the following steps.

The Retailer requirements for certification are defined in EDTI's Terms & Conditions for Distribution Access Service.

Step 1

The request for certification should be in writing and delivered to the EDTI Retailer Liaison. It must include the following:

  • Identify the Retailer,
  • Identify contact person within the Retailer organization,
  • State the date for which the certification is requested to be effective,
  • Include Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) certification documentation, and
  • Government license/certification documentation.

Step 2

The EDTI Retailer Liaison will contact the Retailer contact person to discuss the Prudential Requirements of the Retailer which includes: 

Step 3

Once the EDTI Retailer Liaison is satisfied that the Prudential Requirements are in place or is reasonably satisfied they will be in place prior to the effective date of the Retailer certification, the EDTI Retailer Liaison will schedule the Retailer's Communication Test.

Step 4

The Retailer Liaison will coordinate the execution of the Communication Test with the Retailer. Upon completion of the test, the Retailer Liaison will announce the results of the test to the Retailer Contact.

Step 5

The Retailer Liaison will verify that the Retailer's prudential requirements have been met and will subsequently forward the Distribution and System Access Service Agreement, the Statutory Declaration and the Guarantee Agreement documents to the appropriate EPCOR official for signature.

Step 6

EDTI will provide the Retailer with the EPCOR Utilities Inc. Electronic Funds Payment information, and:

  • Return a signed copy of the Distribution and System Access Service Agreement to the Retailer
  • Return a signed copy of the Statutory Declaration to the Retailer
  • Return a signed copy of the Guarantee Agreement to the Retailer