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Step 1 - Ap​​plication and documentation

Please send request for certification via email to EPCOR Market Support at, including the following:

  • Retailer and Retailer ID
  • Billing Agent contact or an IT contact for VL Trader setup
  • Email address of the signing authority within the Retailer organization for contractual purposes
  • Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) certification letter for the Edmonton Zone
  • Start date of Retailer operations

The Retailer requirements for certification are defined in EDTI's Terms & Conditions for Distribution Access Service. ​

Ste​p 2 - Security requirement

Retailers are required to pos​​t security as outlined in the Distribution Tariff Regulation. ​ 

EPCOR Market Support will provide the following:

Step 3​ - Approval

The EPCOR Market Support​ team will verify the Retailer's security requirements have been met, all required documentation has been submitted and will complete set up of the Retailer to send and receive market transactions.​​