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​We're updating our Terms & Conditions

Effective October 13, 2020, our Terms and Conditions for Automatic Withdrawal (AW) and Equal Payment Plan (EPP) are updated.

Automatic Withdrawal Terms will be updated to include:

"I acknowledge that if a payment withdrawal is dishonored, a second payment withdrawal may be attempted within five (5) days. EPCOR may charge my utility account with a service charge for each dishonored payment as it occurs, and may terminate my participation in the Automatic Withdrawal Agreement."

Read AW Terms & Conditions

Equal Payment Plan Terms will be updated to include:

"To be eligible, you must have 12 months of consecutive consumption at the same site or sites and the same rate structure for each service."

Read the EPP payment terms
What is an Equal Payment Plan and how does it work?
The Equal Payment Plan (EPP) is an option for residential accounts that averages your utility costs per service over a 12-month period so that you pay an equal amount each month.  To be eligible, you must have 12 months of consecutive consumption at the same site and the same rate structure for each service.

Once per year, you will receive a "settle-up" bill in which your actual charges billed during the program cycle and are compared to your payments made. This comparison is carried out for each service you receive and may not happen for all services in the same month.  If you've paid more than your actual costs, your account will be credited. If you've paid less, that balance will be added to the equal payment amount due on your settle-up bill.  A settle-up will also occur if you move, end services, terminate an Equal Payment Plan, or due to account maintenance.

During the year, if there is a significant difference in your utility consumption patterns due to usage or a rate change, the equal payment amount may be recalculated to prevent a large bill during the settle-up period. You will be notified of the new amount by a message in the “For your information” section on the utility bill.

If the full required payment is not made by the due date, you could be de-enrolled from the EPP.

Payment of any miscellaneous charges such as connection fees or deposits or charges for sites that are not on EPP will be required when they are due in addition to the equal monthly payment amount.​

To sign up for an EPP or to change your monthly EPP amount, contact us at 310-4300.