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​Water treatment

We have two water treatment plants in Edmonton: E.L. Smith and Rossdale. These facilities allow us to produce an average of 350 ML of treated water every day. We store this water in 12 reservoirs, totalling around 800 ML. We then deliver it to thousands of local customers as well as to surrounding communities at seven supply points.

Learn more about how we treat source water to ensure you always have enough clean water for your daily needs.

Wastewater treatment

Every time you flush the toilet, take a shower or pull the sink plug, you send wastewater down the drain to our Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Facility, where we collect and treat sewage from 900,000 people within the city of Edmonton.

That's more than 200,000 million litres of sewage annually, or enough to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool more than 220 times every day.

Treating wastewater involves:

  • Removing dirt and debris
  • Converting solid waste into renewable energy (fuel and compost)
  • Using micro-organisms to remove biological nutrients harmful to fish and the river
  • UV disinfection to kill bacteria and viruses harmful to humans