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The following raw turbidity table is updated every 5 minutes. Only the most recent 3 hours of data are shown.

This data comes directly off EPCOR's computerized SCADA monitoring system and has not been validated. Please use it as a guideline only. There may be periods when these values will be unavailable. 

The values represent raw water turbidity readings taken at two sample points of the North Saskatchewan River. These sample points are taken from the Rossdale and EL Smith Water Treatment Plants in Edmonton.

Each NTU reading (Rossdale and EL Smith) come from one of two meters - a high range meter and a low range meter. The meter is switched depending on the NTU reading set by any operator (ie. 50 NTU for ELS and 30 NTU for Rossdale). The turbidity of the selected meter is displayed on this page.ā€‹