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We're always improving our distribution system to minimize interruptions that can affect your water service. This includes budgeting approximately $40 million annually for renewal projects and long term infrastructure sustainability projects, like replacing cast iron pipe with PVC pipe.​

Water assets installed or replaced (2022)

Water Asset Number/Length Replaced
Main Line Valves (≥ 150mm)
Service Valves (50mm - 100mm) 196
Hydrants 236
Water Mains (km) 25

Replacing cast iron pipe with PVC pipe

We've been replacing cast iron water main pipes in Edmonton with Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) plastic water main pipes since 1986. Edmonton now has more than twice as much PVC pipe in its system than cast iron pipe. As a result:​​

  • ​​Annual water main breaks have dropped by more than 80%.
  • 90% of breaks still occur on cast iron pipes, while only about 1% of breaks occur on PVC pipe.
  • Tests continue to show that PVC pipe meets the required performance criteria for new water main pipes.
  • Approximately 540 KM out of the 4,300 KM of pipes that EPCOR maintains in Edmonton are made of cast iron.​​