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We administer a Cross Connection Program to help commercial businesses and multi-residential property owners. The program:
  • Maintains a database of facilities, building owners and backflow prevention assemblies installed within the building along with a test history of each of those assemblies and notes from inspections.
  • Maintains a database of certified testers and installers of backflow prevention assemblies.
  • Ensures that equipment used by all certified installers and testers are calibrated annually.
  • Conducts cross connection inspections of new and existing buildings within the City of Edmonton.
  • Notifies our customers of past-due annual testing requirements.

Testing requirements

Backflow preventers shall be tested:

  • Upon installation
  • When cleaned, repaired or overhauled
  • When relocated
  • Annually
  • As required by the regulatory authority

Test reports must be submitted to the Cross Connection Control office within 30 days of the test.


For property own​ers:

For certified testers:

Register with EPCOR as a Certified Backflow Tester

1. Download and electronically complete these forms:

2. Fax or email them to us.