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EPCOR administers a Premises Isolation Cross Connection Program to ensure the water quality in our water distribution system remains safe from contamination, originating from a buildings private water system.  The scope of this program includes commercial, industrial, and multi-residential facilities within the City of Edmonton.
The program:
  • Maintains a database of facilities, building owners and premises isolating backflow prevention assemblies installed within the building along with a test history of each of those assemblies and notes from inspections.
  • Maintains a database of WCS AWWA certified testers and installers of backflow prevention assemblies.
  • Ensures that the testing equipment used by all certified installers and testers are calibrated annually.
  • Conducts cross connection surveys of new and existing buildings within the City of Edmonton.
  • Notifies our customers and building owners of annual testing and installation requirements.

Testing requirements

Backflow preventers shall be tested:

  • Upon installation
  • When cleaned, repaired or overhauled
  • When relocated
  • Annually
  • As required by the regulatory authority

Test reports must be submitted to the Cross Connection Control office within 5 business days of the test.

EPCOR only accepts test reports for Premises Isolating Backflow Preventers. The CSA B64.10 Standard requires that all testable backflow preventers be tested annually, internal (zone/fixture) test reports are to be sent to the owner of the building.

EPCOR does not accept test reports for backflow preventers that were tested outside of Edmonton, as they are not part of our water distribution system.  These reports can be sent to the authority having jurisdiction and the building owner. 

As a WCS AWWA Cross Connection Control Specialist (tester) that is registered with EPCOR to test you are required to:

  • Test a backflow preventer as per the procedures outlined in the AWWA Canadian Cross Connection Control Manual
  • Selection and Installation of backflow preventers is to be made as per the CSA B64.10 Standard and the National Plumbing Code of Canada
  • Report instances of incorrectly installed backflow preventers
  • Include a picture of a new installation (with your test report) of a premises isolating backflow preventer, from a distance sufficient to see all of the adjacent piping
  • Identify inaccuracies in EPCOR’s backflow records and what is found on site, this will help us ensure we have accurate and up to date information.  For changes to information please include test report comments, use the “attach photo” option during test entry, or contact the CCC Office directly at

Examples of information changes include:

  • ​Assembly location 
  • Make/model/size/serial number - include picture of ID plate
  • Protection type (premises/zone/fixture)
  • Building name or ownership changes


For property own​ers:

For backflow testers:
  • ​​Register with EPCOR as a Certified Backflow Tester

EPCOR’s CCC Program utilizes SwiftComply to administer our CCC database.  New testing companies and new testers will need to register in order to submit test reports online, as we are no longer able to accept test reports via email or fax.  

To register you will require a unique email address, a valid WCS AWWA Cross Connection Control Specialist certificate, as well as a valid calibration report for the test kit you will be using to test with.

If you need assistance or further information, please contact us at: