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​Current and u​pcoming Rossdale projects

​EPCOR is responsible for building, maintaining, and upgrading the electrical transmission and water distribution systems in Edmonton. As the system ages, infrastructure requires maintenance and upgrades to ensure the safe, reliable delivery of power and water.


Electricity projects

Learn about the electricity projects at Rossdale.

Electrici​ty projects



Water projects

Learn about the water projects at Rossdale.

Water projects ​​​

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Phone: (780) 412-4200​

​El​e​c​tricity projects at Rossdale

​EPCOR is responsible for building, maintaining, and upgrading the electrical transmission and distribution system in Edmonton. In order to continue delivering safe and reliable power to our customers, the electrical infrastructure require​s regular maintenance and upgrades. 

Electricity project map​​


Rossdale Substation Transformer Replacement Project (September 2023)

As part of our ongoing maintenance activities, we are planning to replace one of the transformers in the Rossdale Substation that is nearing its end of life. Transformers are an important part of a substation and are used to step down power so it can be used by homes and businesses in the area. If approved, this project will involve replacing the existing transformer and concrete pad, which will require excavation up to 12 metres. Due to the historical and cultural importance of the area, we will work with archaeology experts to monitor any ground excavations required for this project. This work is planned for September 2023 and will take approximately eight months to complete. ​ 

Surge Arrester Replacement Project (March 2024)

​EPCOR will be replacing surge arresters at the Rossdale Substation in mid-March 2024. This work will take approximately two weeks to complete. Surge arresters are protective devices that limit and divert high voltage on electrical equipment. This work will ensure safe conditions within the substation and protect substation electrical equipment from damage. 

This replacement work will be done within the substation fence. Residents can expect to see activity typical to construction at the substation including a crane on site. No power outages are anticipated due to this work.

This project may be noisy at times however no significant noise is anticipated in the residential area of the Rossdale community. We will comply with the City of Edmonton’s Community Standards Bylaw for Noise Control.​

Electricity project construction impacts​

We do our best to minimize the impacts to residents in the Rossdale area. When work is happening at the Rossdale Substation, you can expect the following impacts.​


Residents can expect noise typical to construction. At times our work involves the use of hydrovac trucks, a horizontal directional drill, and other heavy machinery.​ We will comply with the City of Edmonton’s Community Standards Bylaw for Noise Control. If it is necessary to temporarily exceed acceptable noise levels, we will work with the City of Edmonton to obtain the necessary permits.

Power outages

Power outages will not be required to complete these projects. 


All work areas will be maintained in a safe and secure manner. All construction activities will be performed in accordance with the City of Edmonton's bylaws, Occupational Health and Safety requirements and EPCOR's strict health, safety, and environmental procedures and guidelines.​

The Alb​​erta Utilities Commission (AUC)

Alberta's electric utilities are regulated by the AUC. The AUC is an independent quasi-judicial agency that ensures that the delivery of Alberta's utility service takes place in a manner that is fair, responsible and in the public's interest. EPCOR's electricity projects must be approved by the AUC before construction can begin. For more information about the AUC, please visit the AUC's website​.​​

Wat​er ​projects​​ at Rossdale​​​

Locating underground utilities for flood protection project

​In order to protect the Rossdale Water Treatment Plant in a situation where the North Saskatchewan River overtops its banks, EPCOR is working with the community to plan and design flood barriers. 

In mid-February, EPCOR began excavating certain locations where flood barriers will be constructed to confirm the types of utility infrastructure that exists underground in the area. Excavation work outside the plant fenceline is expected to begin on March 21.

It is important for EPCOR to understand what utilities are underneath the planned flood barrier locations at Rossdale so that we can properly plan for future construction of the barriers. Construction on the flood barriers is not anticipated to begin before 2024 as EPCOR is currently in the initial planning and design work of the project.

Read the project notice for more details​​​​