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​​To try to understand and reduce the construction impacts to the public, we've met with Mill Creek School, Bonnie Doon Community League and several other organizations that will be impacted by the work. EPCOR has also provided a project backgrounder to impacted residents of Old Strathcona, Ritchie, King Edward Park, and Bonnie Doon communities.

Noise c​ontrol

  • Noise abatement measures will be utilized at the 24 hour a day tunneling sites; however, construction noise should be anticipated.
  • Activity is reduced to the minimum requirement during overnight hours. 

Sidewalks/walkways/pedestrian crossings

  • Detours will be created for any sidewalk/pedestrian crossing closures.

Light poll​ution

  • ​Lighting structures will be place low within the worksite to minimize light from spilling outside the worksite.

Worksite s​ecurity

  • ​As the construction worksites are in close proximity to Mill Creek School and Tubby Bateman Park, the site will utilize secure fencing and site hoarding material to block visibility and deter activity around the site.

Student safety e​​ducation

  • EPCOR will work with Mill Creek School to provide safety education for students to promote safe behaviour around construction sites.
  • EPCOR will also provide information to the school to provide to parents