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​The Mill Creek combined trunks carry wastewater from a large part of south Edmonton towar​ds the Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant, and also convey stormwater and snowmelt from some of Edmonton’s older south side neighborhoods. This line services approximately 58,000 sanitary connections in south Edmonton. 

The Mill Creek combined trunk services the Edmonton region highlighted on the map.

Why is this project​​ important? 

In 2020, crews had identified large holes in the trunk as well as a deteriorated manhole. An emergency repair was completed in Mill Creek Ravine, which involved impacts to the trail system, tree removal and heavy equipment being transported and utilized on site.

​Further inspections were completed to evaluate the remainder of the trunk’s condition. Due to the poor condition and location of the line, a new trunk was needed to replace the existing trunk and ensure the system continues to reliably meet the needs of the City of Edmonton. Once the new trunk has been constructed, a portion of the existing trunk in Mill Creek Ravine will be abandoned.

The selected alignment of the new trunk is located outside of Mill Creek Ravine. The completion of the new trunk will help reduce the risk of significant environmental impacts to the ravine in the event of a trunk failure.

Photo of existing Mill Creek Trunk Line, which will be abandoned
Example of new tunnel