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‚ÄčE.L. Smith Solar Farm

We intend to build a new solar farm on our property just south of the existing E.L. Smith Water Treatment Plant. The solar farm will generate renewable energy to help power the water treatment plant and its water treatment and distribution processes, while reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. We'll be providing clean water made with clean energy.

We're committed to the City of Edmonton's objective to become a leader in energy efficiency and conservation, and this project aligns with the City of Edmonton's The Way We Green: Environmental Strategic Plan by converting a portion of EPCOR's energy use to locally produced, renewable resources.

Did you know?

Edmonton is noted as one of the top major cities in Canada for solar energy capture, and annual photovoltaic potential. Due to the amount of sunlight in Alberta, solar power efficiency and output is much higher than in other geographical locations in Canada. EPCOR will be optimizing the design of the solar farm in order to produce the most energy possible during the spring, summer and fall months, in order to best align with water demand at the E.L. Smith Water Treatment Plant.

‚ÄčAdditionally, the E.L. Smith Solar project:

  • Advances Edmonton's Energy Transition Strategy goal of producing 10 per cent of electricity locally without any requirement for new funding;
  • Fits within the City's drafted Ribbon of Green, facilitating enhanced wildlife and trail connectivity, developing a renewable energy and cultural education and awareness hub;
  • Will power the E.L. Smith Water Treatment Plant in a socially and environmentally responsible way that is most cost-effective for ratepayers;
  • Aligns with City Council's directive to EPCOR to collect $1.9 million per year from customers to fund a green power initiative that procures 10 per cent of EPCOR Water's electricity from a new, local and 100 per cent renewable project; and
  • Is the best, lowest cost and lowest impact location for developing a new source of renewable energy for this purpose within Edmonton.

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Thank you to everyone who has participated in the consultation process to date

We have had over 850 conversations about the project and have compiled and assessed all of the information we have received. The input provided has been used to inform our project design and will continue to be used as we move forward.

As a result of the feedback we received, we have revised our plans to:

  • Reduce the overall project footprint in an effort to address concerns relating to aesthetics, land reclamation, environment and wildlife.
  • Increase the space between the river and our proposed project fence line. This will provide more natural area along the river than is currently present.
  • Provide the City of Edmonton with access through our property (outside the solar farm fence line) for future recreational trails to ensure connectivity of the surrounding trail system.

For more information about what we've heard and how the feedback was used, check out our February 2018 project update newsletter.