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​Removal of existing transmission lines 

If this project is approved, the existing underground 72 kV transmission lines to the Kennedale Substation will be removed from service (shown in pink on the map). The new transmission lines will replace this infrastructure and increase the capacity and reliability of the system. The existing underground transmission lines/cables are contained in fluid filled pipes. To remove the transmission cables from service, the fluid will be drained from the pipe and the cables will be pulled out. Once the cables are removed, the pipes will be inspected and cleaned so that they can potentially be reused for other future purposes, such as containing communication cables.​

Removal of the Kennedale Substation 

Once the new substation is built and operating, the Kennedale Substation located at 5035 126 Ave will be removed from service (shown in yellow on the map). Once that is complete, the site will be repurposed for other EPCOR uses or prepared for sale. As a part of this work, the distribution power lines will be reconnected to the new substation. Distribution lines are the power lines that provide electricity to homes and businesses.