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​What is the approval process? 

Transmission projects in Alberta require approval from the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) before they can be built. This ensures that the transmission development is needed and planned in a way that reduces overall impacts and is in the public interest. There are two approvals required for this project: the need for the project and the routing and siting of the new facilities to be built.​​​​

There are two approvals required for this project: the need for the project and the routing and siting of the new facilities to be built.

Need for the project:​

The need for new transmission projects in Alberta is identified by the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO). 

  • ​The preferred option to meet the need for growing demand for electricity in northeast Edmonton is to build a new substation, new 240 kV transmission lines and new 72 kV transmission lines. 
  • The AESO submitted their Needs Identification Document (NID) Application to the AUC for approval in December 2023. The AUC is currently reviewing that application (proceeding number 28633).​​


​For more information on the AESO and the need for this project contact: 

Phone: 1 (888) 866-2959  
Routing and siting

EPCOR is responsible for planning the location of the new substation and proposing route options for the new transmission lines. 

  • ​​Right now, EPCOR is evaluating route options for the transmission lines. This includes getting feedback from area residents, Indigenous Nations and communities, businesses and government agencies. 
  • Once we have determined preferred and alternate route options and received direction from the AESO, we will apply to the AUC for approval. This is called our Facility Application.
  • ​​​​​​

​The AUC will review the Facility Application and, if approved, they will also select which route to build (preferred or alternate). Once EPCOR submits its Facility Application, you can also provide feedback directly to the AUC.​

Next steps
  • You’re invited to provide feedback to EPCOR on the proposed route options. 
  • EPCOR will assess the route options based on your feedback and other considerations. We will then determine preferred and alternate route options to propose to the AUC. 
  • EPCOR will submit a Facility Application to the AUC for approval.​


  • ​January 2023 - Project initiation 
  • April 2024 – Project update (we are here) 
  • July 31, 2024 – Deadline to provide feedback* 
  • Fall/Winter 2024 – EPCOR will submit its application to the AUC 
  • Fall 2025 – If approved, construction will begin. 
  • 2028 – Transmission facilities built and operating.

*EPCOR would like to include your feedback in our Facility Application and can do so if received by July 31, 2024. If you are not able to respond by then, you can still provide your feedback directly to the AUC once the Facility Application has been filed.​

For more information on the AUC's process see their brochure - Participating in the AUC's independent review process to consider facility applications​.