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240 kV transmission line

​​​A new 240 kV double circuit above ground transmission line is being proposed to reinforce the electrical transmission system. We have identified a few possible route options to get from an existing AltaLink owned transmission line to the proposed new substation site located in Edmonton’s Industrial Heights area. Although there are multiple options shown, only one route will be built. 

​We need your input to find the best route.​

Route options​​​

​We are trying to determine the best route from the existing AltaLink owned transmission line to the proposed new substation site (shown in blue on the map). The yellow lines show the many path options we have identified to get from the two points. The numbers in orange are points of reference and will guide conversations to help determine the best route. Even though multiple route options are shown, only one route will be built. 

Wh​​at will it look like?

If approved, the 240 kV transmission line will be built using mostly steel monopole structures ranging in height from approximately 38 to 46 metres. Non-typical structures such as steel lattice towers, double steel poles, poles with wider bases, and the use of guy wires may be required at certain locations along the line. This includes where the line turns corners or has to span longer distances such as the North Saskatchewan River. 

This will be a double circuit transmission line, meaning it will have six wires strung across the structures and one or two shield wires strung on top. A double circuit transmission line is two transmission lines using mostly one set of structures. This way we can decrease the number of transmission line routes and meet the demand for electricity. ​​​

​Structure diagram - ​240 kV transmission line

​​Photo of a similar transmission line
The poles for this project will look similar to the image above. The colour of the poles and exact details may change based on finalized design and type of steel used.​​​

About the CETR project​

To learn more about the City of Edmonton Transmission Reinforce​​ment Project:

​​​We would like your input

​EPCOR believes in listening to and engaging stakeholders. Community input and involvement is an important part of our decision-making. We believe in working towards solutions together and consulting with the public on initiatives.​ If you have any questions or would like to provide input on this project, please contact us.​

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