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​Have a look at the notices below to see the impacts of the work we're doing in each zone along the Capital Line LRT South route.​

An overview of all the projects EPCOR is undertaking in 2023 can be found in our project overview notice​.​

​Public Notice for Capital Line LRT South Sewer​​ Relocation Project

The EPCOR Water Services Inc.  hereby gives notice that a submission has been added​​ to the Common Project Search (online registry) pursuant to the Canadian Navigable Waters Act described herein and its description.

Pursuant to ​paragraph 4(1) of the said Act, the EPCOR Water Services Inc. has deposited a notification of a minor work in accordance with the requirements set out on the External Submission Site, on the online Commo​n Project Search Registry and under registry number 6331, a description of the following work: EPCOR Outfall 275 rehabilitation on Blackmud Creek at the City of Edmonton in east of lot number Lot 2ER, Block 20, Plan 8922759west of  111 Street. 

Posted at Edmont​on, Alberta this 13 day of Mar​​ch 2023. ​​​​