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The existing 99 Avenue sanitary trunk line that services over 100,000 customers needs to be replaced. This project will be completed in 2 stages, starting in July 2020 and we estimate the project will be finished by the end of 2024​. In Stage 1, we are building a new tunnel along 99 Avenue, north on 148 Street and east on 101 Avenue. In Stage 2, we'll rehabilitate the existing tunnel on 99 Avenue. Once our work in done, both tunnels will be in service, increasing capacity in the trunk network.

About the 99 Avenue sanitary sewer

As seen by the map below, the 99 Avenue sanitary sewer moves wastewater from west Edmonton to the Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant. The sewer is approximately 30 metres deep and services about 117,000 customers. For this project, the sewer needs rehabilitation between 142 Street and 151 Street.


Why the project is needed

This trunk line was built in 1975 and inspections have shown the existing trunk varies from fair to very poor condition. The existing trunk needs rehabilitation to ensure it continues to meet the current needs and growth for west Edmonton.


Current condition

On the left image below, you will see an image of the current tunnel condition in very poor condition. The right image below is an image of what a tunnel should look like.

Tunnel with significant damage

Rehabilitated tunnel

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​Project stages

Stage 1

The first stage of this project is the construction of the new bypass tunnel started in July 2020 and is anticipated to be complete by the end 2022.

During this first stage of this project, we'll be working at 6 different locations. Find out more about each work location and the impacts to you.

Stage 2

The second stage of the project is the rehabilitation of the existing line and is scheduled to occur in 2022-2024​. We're currently in the design phase for this part of the project.

Upon completion of the new construction (Stage 1) and the rehabilitation (Stage 2), both tunnels will be in service, which in turn will increase capacity of the trunk network.