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  COVID-19 and construction projects

EPCOR is closely monitoring the situation related to the COVID-19 outbreak. Protocols have been put in place for our employees while performing essential work to protect the health of our teams and our customers. We also request homeowners take precautionary measures by maintaining a safe, two meter distance from our crews.

Impacts to you


The typical hours of construction will be 7:00am - 9:00pm Monday to Saturday. If required, these hours may be extended, and construction may occur on Sundays from 9:00am to 7:00pm.EPCOR will do everything possible to manage noise associated with the construction. We will work to ensure that the construction is completed within the requirements of the City of Edmonton Noise Bylaw.

Traffic and pedestrian accommodation

The north parking lane on Summit Drive between 147 Street and 149 Street will be closed to allow space for storage. In addition:

  • Part of the grass area north of Summit Drive at 148 Street will be used for material storage and laydown.
  • The two laydown areas are required due to limited working (heavily treed) space within the ravine.
  • The paved trail between Summit Drive, that starts just east of 148 Street and the large trail junction near 143 Street, will be closed while work is underway at Work Area #3, anticipated to begin August.
  • While the paved trail is closed, pedestrians and cyclists will need to detour north to Stony Plain Road and access the ravine from the north side via the trail from 143 Street. Access to the ravine is also available on the east side of 142 Street, from Summit Drive.
  • The work areas are staggered and sections of the trail will be opened when possible and no work activity is taking place.
  • The tressle bridge at the 148 Street and Summit Drive will remain open.
  • Signage will be place in advance of the closures to notify trail users.


The construction areas will be fenced and/or marked as restricted areas. We will take every precaution to ensure public safety. We also need your assistance in keeping children and pets a safe distance from the construction site and the equipment

What to expect during construction

Approximately 375 metres of the storm sewer located in MacKinnon Ravine needs to be rehabilitated. The rehabilitation work will include trenchless methods to reduce impacts on the natural environment and the construction footprint. However, excavations will be required in some areas. EPCOR is committed to minimizing excavations when possible.

The work will be done at three different locations.

Work Area #1 (blue line on map)

A pit will be excavated in the ravine just east of 149 Street and north of Summit Drive. From this pit, a new pipe will be inserted inside the deteriorated pipe and grouted in place. The total length of this repair is approximately 110 metres.This work is anticipated to begin in late June and expected to be completed by October 2020.

Work Area #2 (orange line on map)

The total length of this repair is approximately 157 metres of existing pipe under the ravine, east of 149 Street. It is expected that Work Area #2 will have minimum to no excavation work required. The work is scheduled to begin the week of June 8th and is expected to be completed by the end of August 2020.

Work Area #3 (yellow line on map)

A pit will be excavated at the paved trail in the ravine, north of Summit Drive and approximately 200 metres east of 149 Street. From this pit, a new pipe will be inserted inside the deteriorated pipe and grouted in place. Depending on the exact amount of deformation and damage in the existing pipe, additional excavations may be required to allow insertion of the new pipe inside the deteriorated pipe. This work is anticipated to start in August and anticipated to be completed by the end of 2020.


Project overview

The existing storm sewer under 149 Street and the west end of MacKinnon Ravine has been identified as requiring rehabilitation.

This project is in addition to the 99 Avenue Sanitary Trunk Rehabilitation project also occurring in the area. More information about the 99 Avenue Sanitary Trunk Rehabilitation Project will be provided as mobilization dates are finalized. Detailed information about the worksites and work scope is currently available on the project site.