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Wastewater transfer stations

Some homes, businesses and temporary commercial operations like construction sites are not connected to a Sanitary sewer. Instead, holding tanks collect wastewater. Our drainage services have two facilities, called wastewater transfer stations, for proper wastewater disposal. The transfer stations convey wastewater to Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant or to the Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Recreation Vehicle (RV) sani-dumps

Wastewater transfer stations are only open to licensed, commercial haulers who are registered with our drainage services or the County of Strathcona. Recreation vehicles must empty their holding tanks at privately-owned and operated sani-dumps located throughout the Edmonton region.

Access and hours of operation

Anyone wishing to use a transfer station must be registered and abide by the conditions of use. For Poundmaker, contact us at (780) 412-4500. For Clover Bar, contact either us at (780) 509-8069 or the County of Strathcona at (780) 467-7785. Authorized haulers receive a non-transferable access card for each vehicle and station. The fully automated transfer stations are open 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

Conditions of use

All users of these wastewater transfer stations must wear the following personal protective (PPE) equipment while working:

  • Safety glasses
  • CSA-certified steel-toed safety boot
  • High visibility upper-body clothing (e.g. vest, shirt or jacket)

In addition to the PPE requirements of the site, users must also follow the requirements outlined in Article 5.13 of the EPCOR Drainage Services and Wastewater Treatment Bylaw 19627. The bylaw lists all of the restrictions regarding the release of wastewater at transfer stations, including:

  • Prohibited materials at a transfer station include hazardous wastes, flammables, heavy metals, and other harmful materials. For bylaw violations of this type, users may receive fines of up to $10,000.
  • Haulers must complete a manifest for each load giving details about the source, type and quantity of wastewater released.
  • Each user must have a current business licence and a transfer station registration sticker displayed on every vehicle.


Transfer stations have a gate access controller and video surveillance for protection. Our drainage inspectors, or an automated sampling device, take random samples. A load that violates the EPCOR Drainage Services and Wastewater Treatment Bylaw 19627 may be denied permission to release.

Operators who do not wear the required PPE will be asked to wear it before continuing their work.


We invoice and collect dumping fees on a monthly basis. Rates are based on a per axle fee (less the steering axle) for each load. ​​​​​​