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​Severe thunderstorms are a fact of life in Edmonton.

Often, during the summer months, rain storms drench the city in short periods of time. Golf ball sized hail clumps together in the fast-moving rainwater, clogging sewer drains. As a result, streets, roadways and homes may be flooded causing extensive damage to public and private properties.

The Flood Prevention Program was set up to address these problems, improve the sanitary and stormwater systems, and equip homeowners with the information and knowledge to make drainage and lot grading improvements.

If you live in Cloverdale, Riverdale or Rossdale, you can email to sign up for Storm and River Level Alerts for those areas.

What to do if there's flooding

  • Call 311 to report any dislodged manhole covers, pooling on roads, clogged catch basins, and any basement flooding.
  • Stay away from manhole covers that are being dislodged during a storm due to high water and air pressure. Manhole covers are heavy and could cause injury.
  • Use caution when driving through underpasses during storms. The water levels in underpasses could become quite high and cause vehicles to become partially submerged and/or stall.

During and immediately after a storm, crews will first be dealing with any dislodged manhole covers that may have popped due to high volume rain, and with any pooling of roads due to clogged catch basins from debris as a result of the heavy rain and/or hail.

Crews will respond to any reports of basement flooding after addressing the top priorities of public safety and roadway access for emergency crews; this may not happen till after the storm subsides, and may even take a few days depending on the number of calls.

If you are experiencing basement flooding, proceed with caution. Call 311 to report the flooding in your home; provide your address and contact information.

While our crews do not actually clean up flooded basements (that is the owner’s responsibility), our crews can provide advice on what needs to be done. When it is safe to do so, you should clean up and dry out your basement as quickly as possible.