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​No-corrode sewer pipes were used in Edmonton homes from the 1940’s through the 1960’s. These no-corrode pipes should be replaced or relined, ideally before they deteriorate and cause sewer backups in your home. If EPCOR or a plumber has told you that you have no-corrode sewer pipes, here’s ​what you need to know.


​What is no-corrode pipe?

No-corrode sewer pipe, or “Orangeburg”, is a bituminized fiber pipe made from layers of wood pulp and tar pitch pressed together - essentially tar paper. No-corrode pipe was used by Edmonton homebuilders from the 1940’s through the 1960’s when it was replaced with PVC. 

​The average life of no-corrode pipe is about 50 years under ideal conditions. Due to its lack of strength and its susceptibility to absorb water and deform under pressure, it has been taken off the list of acceptable materials by most building codes. 

​How do I know if I have no-corrode pipe installed at my property?

No-corrode pipe was u​sed by Edmonton homebuilders from the 1940’s through the​​​ 1960’s when it was replaced with PVC. EPCOR​ or a plumber would let you know after they complete an inspection of your sewer line.  

What happens when the pipe begins to deteriorate?

The pipe will start to become oval in shape as it softens due to the pressure of the soil above. As the pipe deteriorates further, it may start to buckle at the bottom. Once the deterioration process begins, the pipes tend to deform quite quickly. At this point homeowners may experience tree root infiltration and frequent sewer back-ups.

What is the solution?

If the pipe has not lost its structural shape, re-lining the inside of the pipe with a resin-impregnated material may be a viable repair option. If the pipe has started to oval, then replacement of the entire pipe from the foundation to the property line may be the only course of action.

Remember, as the homeowner, you are responsible for your section of sewer pipe from the house to the property line, and therefore should educate yourself as much as possible on your choices prior to making any repair decisions. Decisions about replacement is up to you.

EPCOR does not do replacement work on private property. However, our customer service team is available at 780-412-4500, if you wish to discuss re-lining or replacement of your existing pipe by private contractors. EPCOR does not provide recommendations on specific private contractors.​

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