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Flooded underpass safety

During severe storms, an underpass can go from normal to flooded within minutes. Intense rain can cause our drainage system to flood, collecting in large pools of water in an underpass. Vehicles entering a flooded underpass can become partially submerged.

Tips to help you stay safe when driving in a storm

 Never drive through a flooded underpass or road

  • Even if the water looks shallow do not enter, it can be deeper than it appears.
  • It takes as little as two feet of water to cause problems for most vehicles.
  • There may be hidden dangers, such as missing manhole covers, that could damage your vehicle.

 Don’t stop in an underpass to protect your car from hail

  • An underpass can flood very quickly and is not a safe space to wait out a storm.

 Avoid underpasses during a storm

  • If you typically have an underpass on your way home, look for an alternate route. Find a different way to ensure you avoid flooded underpasses when there’s a storm.
  • If a storm starts on your route, approach underpasses with caution.

 Let us know if you see a flooded underpass

  • Call (780) 412-4500 to report a flooded underpass or road in Edmonton.

A flooded underpass safety message from EPCOR