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Underpass flooding dangers

During severe summer storms, the water level in underpasses can rise within minutes and cause vehicles to become partially submerged. It takes as little as 2 feet or half a metre of water to cause problems for most vehicles.

Edmonton is piloting improved public warning signs and an education campaign about underpass flooding to warn drivers to use alternate routes in severe weather.


Two underpass flooding incidents occurred on the Whitemud in July 2016. As part of the pilot project improved signs, including responsive digital signs, have been placed at the 106 and 111 Street underpass locations on Whitemud Drive to help educate drivers about the dangers at these specific locations.

  • 8 static “Road may flood” signs on Whitemud Drive in advance of each of the underpasses
  • 4 digital message boards in advance of underpass adjacent exit ramps using messages to warn drivers of the underpass condition
  • 4 large format gauges with measurement marks in the underpasses to indicate water levels during a flooding event

Digital sign messages will warn drivers of a flooding event in the 106 Street or 111 Street underpasses - ROAD FLOODED, USE ALTERNATE ROUTE. This message will remain in place until the roadway is safe for travel.