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 Priorities for protecting against floods

In 2018, we engaged the public through a comprehensive survey to understand citizens' priorities for protecting against floods. The ranking model we're using is driven by this research. Based on Edmontonians' priorities, the higher risk areas that we're targeting are:

Health and safety, social

  • Protection of hospitals and urgent care facilities, and essential services such as fire, police, EMS and utilities
  • Protection against risks to human life and agencies that provide support for vulnerable populations
  • For the city overall, prioritizing protection against health and safety and social impacts from flooding

Financial and environmental

  • Financial and environmental impacts were ranked lower overall
  • In general, impacts that were reversible, temporary or insurable were of lower relative importance

 Impacts prioritized by public opinion

We're investing in flood-resiliency in areas with a high risk of flood impacts and targeting drainage improvements and homeowner programs to reduce the risk. This includes medium-high and high-risk areas (Groups A ā€“ E) as well as social service agencies, hospitals and essential services. Groups F - G will be included in conjunction with other construction activities such as Building Great Neighbourhoods. 

 Health and safety: 30%
Social: 30%
 Financial: 25%
 Environment: 15%