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​How we can help you work safely

If you are working within 7 metres of our overhead power equipment or digging within 1 metre of underground distribution power equipment*, please take the time to do it safely. Follow the safe work Alberta guidelines and make sure you are familiar with the Alberta safety codes specifically related to overhead power lines and underground cables from the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code. We have tools available to help your team work safely. 

*If you are working within 5 metres of underground transmission power lines, please contact the EPCOR Transmission group at the phone number indicated on your locate sheet.

F​ree safety tra​ining

We have individual or team safety training available to help you and your team stay safe around power lines.
Choose self-serve ​online training, or schedule a s​afety consult or se​ssion for your team.


Safety tool​s and resources available​

Online resources

Convenient online modules and resources for your crews.
Online safety resources

Safety consultation 

​We can come to your worksite and provide your crew with a plan for working safely near overhead or underground power lines.
Safety consultation

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Power line safety awareness session

Free in-person or virtual sessions to help teams understand risks and mitigating actions for power line safety.
Safety awareness sessions​​​

Know the​​ code

Know Alberta safety codes and legislation when working around overhead and underground power lines.
Codes and Legislation

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  Online resources

We provide the following online resources for learning how to work safely around overhead and underground equipment:

​1. Information ​in the safety section of our website, specifically:

​2. Utility hazard awareness session ​- our new online utility hazard awareness session provides your team with important safety information. Learn how to work safely around power, water and drainage lines by taking this 25 minute session​.

  On-site consultation

Our Safety Codes Officers can come to your worksite free of charge and provide you with information on what you can do to keep your crew safe around power equipment. If your work requires:

  • Digging within 1 m of a power pole we can have a crew on site holding the pole in place while you complete your work.
  • Digging near underground electrical facilities, we can help with locates and provide guidance about how to safely expose the power lines.
  • Work within 7 m of an overhead power line you and your activities put you  at risk of coming in contact  with energized power equipment. We have many options that can be put into place to reduce the risk of a contact with our equipment (power line isolation, line protection, etc.).
Call or fill out our power line safety form to book an on-site consultation!​

Have questions or want to set up a
worksite consultation?

Call Power Trouble and ask for a referral to a Safety Codes Officer.

Ph: (780) 412-4500

  Power safety awareness sessions

Our free awareness session is suitable for management and on-site personnel and helps increase your team's awareness of the hazards involved in working around power equipment. Topics included in the presentation:

  • Properties of electricity, what is touch potential, step potential?
  • Overhead power lines and what they are (e.g. Distribution, transmission, telecommunications, etc.)
  • Underground facilities and what they are (e.g. transformers, ground grids, etc.)
  • Damage prevention (e.g. how to hand expose, EPCOR Assistance, etc.)

Set up a s​ession for your team with our online form or call Power Emergencies at (780) 412-4500 and ask for a referral to a Safety Codes Officer.

  Know the code: Legislative work requirements

Overhead power lines

Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code, Part 17 Overhead Power Lines, Safe limit of approach distances (Section 225). (1) An employer must contact the power line operator BEFORE work is done or equipment is operated within 7.0 metres of an energized overhead power line.

Alberta Electrical and Utility Code (AEUC):

  1. Activities near overhead power lines (Section 2-014)
  2. Buildings and objects near overhead equipment or lines (Section 2-014)
  3. Moving equipment or buildings (Section 2-018)

Underground power lines

Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code, Part 32 Excavating and Tunneling, in particular:

  1. Disturbing the ground (Section 441)
  2. Locating buried facilities (Section 447)
  3. Exposing buried facilities (Section 448)

Alberta Electrical and Utility Code (AEUC), Excavation work in the vicinity of underground power lines (Section 2-020).