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​Everyone on a worksite has a role to play in maintaining safe work practices and a safe work environment. A culture of safety starts with employees knowing their rights and employers knowing their responsibilities, from planning the work and assessing the hazards to modelling safe practices at the worksite. Follow all safety guidelines for w​orking with equipment near power lines and underground cables, including safe distance from overhead power lines and underground cables, power equipment safety tips, and working with ladders and scaffolding.​​

Working in close proximity to electrical equipment

Working in Close Proximity to Electrical E​quipment is a guide for employers and contractors who work around EPCOR's electrical facilities and equipment. The guide covers safety measures for approaching and working around electrical equipment.
Find out more about working in​
​ close proximity to electrical equipment

First responders als​o need power line safety awareness training

Power line hazards can hide in everyday emergencies. Without power line safety awareness, first responders may be putting themselves at risk of injury or even death.
Follow these steps to stay safe on the scene

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power line safety materials​​ 

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Plan to work safely

The Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulat​ion and Code outline guidelines that must be followed at worksites. Legislation requires that all work-related hazards be identified. This is done through formal and field-level  hazard assessments.

Read more ab​​out safe work planning

Strategies to prevent contact

Investing time in planning safe work strategies, such as spotters,  will save your business time and money. More importantly, it's an investment in the well-being of your employees. Electrical safe work practices and training benefit everyone and help maintain a safe workplace.Learn how to prevent power line
and cable contacts

Information for professional arborists

If you are hired to trim a tree that is within 7 meters of the power lines, you must contact us for assistance. We will come to site and help trim the tree to a safe distance so you can continue your work at a safe distance.​​ Things to be aware of​​​

Employees: Know y​​our rights

Under Alberta's legislation, employees ha​ve the right to a safe and healthy workplace and to protect​ themselves from unsafe working conditions.
Learn about your rights

Empl​oyers: Kno​w your responsibilities

Under Alberta's legislation, employers have a responsibility to protect and promote the health and safety of their workers.Learn about your responsibilities​​​​

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This webpage provides information regarding safe work practices in relation to EPCOR power facilities. Employers and contractors have responsibilities under the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety (Alberta OHS) Act, Code, and Regulation. When there is a conflict between this document and any bylaws, legislation, or regulation, the relevant law prevails. Any reliance placed on this information is strictly at your own risk. EPCOR does not assume any responsibility or liability for any action, loss or damage that arises out of, or is in connection with the information contained in this webpage.