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​The hard cost of power line contacts

If you think power line safety doesn't concern you, think again. In 2022​, there were more than 80 power line contacts in Edmonton, that's more than one per week. The hard costs are very real: lost time, damaged equipment, and the cost of power line repairs.

The potential consequence to human life, such as injuries or death to you or a member of your crew are simply unbearable when it comes to power safety.

The good news: power line contacts are avoidable

Protecting your livelihood and the lives of your crew is as simple as making one call. EPCOR's safety experts are standing by, ready to provide you with the tips and training you need to ensure every worksite is safe. Book a safety consult or awareness session today.

Make safety a top priority

Book a free safety c​onsult (on-site or virtual) or power line safet​y awareness session for your team. 
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Underground power line safety

Underground power cables are a hidden danger. Workers are unable to see if they are g​​etting too close to a cable, unlike the situation with overhead lines. They must rely on locates and saf​e digging practices to keep them safe.

Read more about locates and digging safely


Overhead power line safety

The danger of overhead power lines is that there is no protection on the wire. Electricity is looking for a path to ground, so if you contact an overhead power line - you, or the equipment you're operating, can be its path to ground. Stay 7 m safe.

Read more about limits of approach and working safely


How we can help you work safe

If you are working within 7 metres of our overhead power equipment or digging within 1 metre of underground distribution power equipment, please take the time to do it safely. Familiarize yourself with the Alberta safet​y codes.​

Find out how we can help

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Building structures
and power equipm​​ent clearances

When developing structures, like new homes or buildings, it’s important to factor nearby electrical equipment into​ your planning. Failure to do so can pose significant safety risks or costly relocations.

Building near electrical equipment

Take action now for a safer worksite

Set up a safety consultation or ​safety awareness session for your team or contact us with questions.
Book online or call 780-412-4500 and ask for a referral to a Safety Codes Officer.

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