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​Street ligh​​ts 

Str​eet lights and traffic signals are owned by the City of Edmonton and are more common than security lights as they line main roads and park pathw​​ays. For more information on street lights please visit City of Edmonton Street Lighting​.​

Street light maintena​​nce

Requests to maintain street lights can be made by calling 311 or visiting Edmonton 311 online​. ​

​Security Lights

Security lights are lamps and lampposts owned and maintained by EPCOR to illuminate public or private owned property like your condo’s parking lot, your neighbourhood playground or a trucking yard. 

Many are now identified by a label that says “Owned and Maintained by EPCOR”.

Examples of security lights owned and maintained by EPCOR

​S​ecurity ligh​t main​ten​​ance

If you see a security light that is out or flickering, please contact Power Trouble at (780) 412-4500​.

If you have a security light at your address, you are responsible for paying for any electricity the light uses.

Report security light issues