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EPCOR's tree maintenance program

Every 3-4 years your neighbourhood gets a trim

EPCOR's Vegetation Management team monitors tree growth in Edmonton and has a contractor trim vegetation to provide a three meter clearance between trees and the primary power line for your neighbourhood. The types of trees planted in your area and the rate they grow at will determine the amount of time between tree trimmings in your neighbourhood.

Easements on private property

Right-of-way easements allow us the authority to prune trees, without property owners' permission, in order to provide a safe and reliable electric system.

However, we respect your property and will always try to notify you of the need for the tree work before pruning is done. In unusual or emergency situations, it may be necessary to prune trees without first notifying you in order to restore service or eliminate safety hazards.

Certified arborists trim trees

EPCOR's tree trimming contractors are arborists certified as Utility Tree Trimmers (UTT) with special training to safely trim trees near power lines.

Trees in park areas

To minimize impact to parks areas, we work with the City of Edmonton Parks and Road Services to identify trees and shrubs requiring pruning or removal. Together we identify trees that are growing towards and in some cases, are already in contact with the overhead power lines. We also conduct health assessments on the trees to determine which trees are at risk of falling and making contact with the high-voltage line, which required more aggressive pruning and removal.

Tree trimming methods

V Trimming

L Trimming

Side Trimming​

​Learn more about clearance requirements for power equipment.




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