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Sign up for power outage alerts

 When the power is out, the first thing you want to know is why and when it will come back on. Sign up for power outage alerts!

If you're currently experienc​ing a power outage, see​ our power outage map for up-to-date information.

Sign up to get an email or text sent directly to your phone.

Our power outage alerts will tell you:

  • An estimated time when the power will be restored
  • Why the power is out
  • When the power is back on

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When will we send you power outage alerts?

1. When the power is out​

You'll get an alert to your smartphone, letting you know that we know about the power outage. It might not come back on right away as it takes time for our crews to check out the problem and provide a power restoration estimate.

2. When we have updates about the power outage

 If you're asking, "Why is my power out?" or "Was there a power outage in my area?" our power outage alerts will help.

3. When the power is back on

Once we fix the problem and get the power back on, we'll let you know. If you get a power outage alert tha​​t power​ is back on, but you still don't have electricity, check the c​urrent power outage map. If you're not listed and and you have no power, check your breaker and then call (780) 412-4500.​

​Reasons to sign up for power outage alerts

  • By getting EPCOR outage alerts, you won't have to check the website or call us to find out why the power is out.
  • You can sign up to learn about power outages in your area. For example, when you sign up, you can choose specific neighbourhoods like Millwoods, Blue Quill, Bonnie Doon, and so on. You'll only get power outage alerts for your specific neighbourhood.
  • You will know about power outages even when you're not home. After getting EPCOR outage alerts, you can send someone to check on your house if you need to.
  • You can sign up for power outage alerts for your business. Updates can help you better manage things until the power is back on.



Sign up for Power Outage Alerts
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If you didn't get a power outage alert

Not all power outages result in alerts being sent out. You may not have been notified if the power outage was only to your home or building, or if it affected less than 12 addresses.

If you're experiencing a current power outage and haven't been notified, please call our 24/7 power emergency line at (780) 412-4500.

Stay informed and be prepared for power outages

You can be prepared for power outag​es by signing up for power outage alerts and reading our preparing for power outages page.



Be prepared for power outages

Being prepared for power outages is important. It can help keep you safe and more comfortable while we work to get the power back on. Learn how to create an emergency kit, and what to do during and after power outages.

How to prepare for a power outage​​​