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​Take precautions

If the Province of Alberta issues an alert or warning for Edmonton regarding rising river conditions, take these steps to protect your safety and your property. 

  1. Stay away from the river bank.
  2. Move valuables out of the basement or an underground garage to a higher elevation.
  3. Park vehicles away from street depressions and the flood plain portion of the neighbourhood.
  4. Minimize water use inside your house. If the system is overloaded, water you flush or drain will have nowhere to go.
  5. Clear street catch basins of debris if safe to do so. Otherwise, call EPCOR.

Rising river and flood warnings

Each year, spring runoff increases the height of the North Saskatchewan River. Heavy rains during this time can substantially increase the flood risk to Edmonton neighbourhoods and homes located in the river valley.

In Edmonton, the river usually crests in mid-to-late June due to snow melt in the Rocky Mountains. It takes about 40 hours for high river flow from there to arrive in Edmonton. There are several ways you can stay informed about river conditions and the potential flood risk.  

  • Listen to media news reports.
  • Watch for street signs. Street signs will be posted notifying neighbourhoods of high river levels and, where applicable, when flood gates are closed.
  • Download the Alberta Rivers app, or visit the Alberta River Basins website. It has the latest information about Alberta's rivers, including flood advisories and comments issued by Alberta's River Forecast Centre.
  • Sign up for Alberta Emergency Alerts.

Report a problem

If you are experiencing or witnessing drainage issues on your property or on the street, call (780) 412-4500 and report it.