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Glass of the Sask returns June 27!

The “Glass of the Sask" is a celebration of things that are uniquely Edmonton.

This summer, we a​re partnering with more local restaurants and events to celebrate some of the things that make Edmonton special, like the North Saskatchewan River, which is the source of Edmonton’s drinking water.

Mark your calendars for June - 27 to take home your own Glass of the Sask as we kick off with a pop up shop!

Where: Edmonton Arts Council Shop and Services in Churchill Square

When: June 27 – July 4 or while supplies last.


From the river to your table 

Just like the food, the tap water served at these restaurants is high quality and great tasting. Edmonton’s drinking water comes from the North Saskatchewan River, which is bor​n in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The final product is treated for up to 12 hours at one of our water treatment plants before being delivered to over one million taps in Edmonton and surrounding communities.​

As water experts and enthusiasts, we're pretty proud of our safe, healthy and great-tasting drinking water and the beautiful river it comes from.​

​Apply to bring a Glass of the Sask to your community!

The Glass of the Sask initiative celebrates Edmonton and the things that make it unique – includ​ing community-building events like​ block parties and community league days. So, we are bringing Glass of the Sask out of the tap and into your community! 

Fill out the sponsorship application form​ to invite our mobile Glass of the Sask water tank to your neighborhood event. ​

Availability is limited. Be sure to review the considerations listed below before applying.​​​​​​​​

The mobile Glass of ​the Sask water tank carries approx. 2,000L of water and​ can be used to create a more affordable and environmentally friendly experience for your attendees!​​​​

​Considerations before inviting our mobile Glass of the Sask water tank to your event​:

  • ​The event must be located within the City of Edmonton.
  • The water tank will be available for one-day events only between May 19 and September 10.
  • The water tank is not available for private events as well as religious or political events​.​​​​
  • Availability of th​e water tank may be limited.
  • Applications must be submitted by the person or person(s) planning the event. Site maps will be required if your application is successful. Please be aware that the Water Tank is approx. 20 ft long and requires navigable space for a truck to drop off and pick up. 
  • If you are looking for other forms of event sponsorship, please visit our Community Investment​ page to learn more.​​​​

Learn more about ​Edmon​ton water

As the water provider for Edmonton and more than 90 surrounding c​ommunities, we get a lot of questions about our water. Here are some of the common questions we hear and where​ you can find the answers.​​


How does EPCOR make our drinking water safe?

Learn more about our​ process that ensures Edmontonians and more than 65 surrounding commu​nities have clean and safe water coming from their taps.

​​How your drinking water is safe​


What's better: tap or bottled water? 

There are a number of reasons to choose tap water – ​here’s why.

Why tap is better​​


Is the river healthy?
Why does it look dirty sometimes?

There are a number of myths that once existed about the river. Let’s bust those myths together.

5 River Myths Busted​


Here is a glance at our restaurant partners from 2023:​

  1. ​Ávila Arepa​
  2. Bodega 124 Street
  3. Bodega Ellerslie
  4. Bodega Highlands
  5. Bodega Downtown
  6. The Butternut T​​​ree
  7. Dalla Tavola Zenari
  8. Dogpatch Bistro Pub
  9. Dorinku Tokyo
  10. Fleisch
  11. Fox Burger
  12. High Dough
  13. The Lingnan
  14. Modest Meats
  15. Padmanadi Downtown
  16. Pals Sandwiches
  17. PhatBar Bakery
  18. Sabor
  19. Sauce Caribbean Restaurant
  20. Smokey Bear
  21. XIX Nineteen​
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