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Clean water isn't free — it needs to be treated, managed, delivered and paid for. Obtaining a Hydrant Permit allows you to use fire hydrants to access our water supply.

Do I need a hydrant permit?

All hydrant users are required to have a permit. Using a fire hydrant without a permit is against the law.

Why are hydrant permits required?

By obtaining a permit and reporting your usage, you help us keep track of hydrant and water use in Edmonton. A permit also helps ensure you have the proper training and equipment to operate hydrants. This prevents problems like damaged hydrants and water mains, and helps keep hydrants in working order to provide emergency protection and clean water to our community.

Safe hydrant use training is required

Anyone operating a hydrant needs to be properly trained on safe hydrant use. You will be required to view a PowerPoint presentation on safe hydrant use to participate in the hydrant permit program. You will also receive a copy of the presentation, which must be used as training by anyone operating hydrants on behalf of your company.

Obtaining a hydrant permit

There is an annual application fee for a hydrant permit and a monthly fee for a hydrant permit. Equipment rentals are included in your monthly fee, and actual usage is billed monthly based on your metered water consumption.

Please note: You are charged a monthly city annual hydrant permit minimum daily average if you do not report your usage by the 15th of each calendar month.  If your needs are seasonal, you won't pay for the off-season if you return your equipment and end your permit agreement.

Report your daily hydrant usage

You are required to call our EPCOR Water Dispatch to obtain approval to use a hydrant each time a hydrant is used (the same hydrant in a single day only has to be reported once for that day).

Report your hydrant meter reads

Report your actual meter read by the 15th of each calendar month.