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​Friends Don't Let Friends Fight Zombies Alone

Friends don't let friends fight zombies aloneStorms, floods, heavy snowfall, zombies … All can pose a threat to our power lines. 

Halloween is on our doorstep, which got us thinking about who'd help us if zombies took over Edmonton and knocked out power — That is, assuming zombies have a taste for high voltage power lines as well as brains.

Who would we call? Our friends at ENMAX, of course.

In an emergency situation, nothing is more valuable to a city's power infrastructure than the experts  in the industry, no matter what city they're from.

EPCOR and ENMAX (Calgary's electricity distributor) have a mutual emergency assistance agreement in place, which means we would call upon each other if a situation arose where additional manpower, materials or equipment were needed.

To help prepare for emergencies, EPCOR and ENMAX regularly hold mutual aid exercises where teams from both companies are able to work together on each other's turf. These exercises have come in handy: EPCOR has been called upon to help with several emergency situations, including the Southern Alberta Floods and the freak snowstorm that hit Calgary in September.

"If there was a disaster in either Edmonton or Calgary, because of these mutual aid exercises, we can confidently say that we have a reliable pool of highly trained staff that can easily fill the gaps and work with our people to get the work done," said Jason, who manages EPCOR's aerial and power trouble teams.

Whether its zombies, vampires or werewolves, rest assured: We have expert crews from down south on the job, ready to keep the lights on – Unless the zombies are the fast kind. Then we're all in trouble.​​