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Here are some examples of common conservation technologies that can be installed to save water and operating costs.

End Use

Conservation Technology


Faucet Faucet aerator
Dishwasher Water efficient models; automatic shut off
Garbage disposal Garbage strainer


Faucet Faucet aerator; automatic shut-off; infrared faucet; self-closing faucet
Toilet Ultra low flush toilets (3L and 6L)
Urinal Ultra low flush and "waterless" urinals
Shower Low flow showerhead


Washing Machine Horizontal axis washing machine; continuous batch washer; rinse water reclamation; wash water reclamation; computer automated control system


Facility Cleaning Dry extraction carpet cleaning system; automatic shut-off valves; pressure-reducing valves
Sterilizer/autoclave Flow-metering; control valves; air pressure host
Equipment washing Wastewater Reclamation


Spraying Moisture sensors and timers; rainfall sensors
Planting Low water use plants and shrubs; replace lawn

Recirculating Cooling

Cooling tower Conductivity control, maintenance of make-up valves; recycling; add acid to reduce carbonate scale
Evaporative cooler Recirculating pumps; eliminate excessive bleed-off
Boiler Eliminate excessive blowdown; eliminate mixing valve water; ion exchange

Once-Thru Cooling

Air Conditioner Air-cooled equipment; reduce flow rate
Air Compressor Connect to recirculating cooling system
Vacuum pump Convert to mechanical vacuum pump


Adapted from "Best Available Technologies Program: Industrial/Commercial Water Uses Conservation Opportunities" by Black & Veatch