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Here are some tips for your yard that'll help you conserve energy all year round.

Your yard in the summer

  • Surround your home with a green belt.
  • The leaves of deciduous trees or shrubs block out the heat from the sun in the summer months, while letting in the sun's warmth during winter.
  • Add mulch around your plants to retain cooling moisture during the summer.

Your yard in the winter

  • Install timers and power-saver cords on your car's block heaters and interior car warmers. Three hours is all that's needed to be effective.
  • Put outdoor lights (like LED Christmas lights) on timers.

Keeping your water garden over winter

  • If you have a sunny room, set up your water garden indoors.
  • Place smaller water plants in a fish tank with an overhead light.
  • Fill a large plastic tote with a few centimetres of pond water and place in a cold storage room. Check the plants periodically.