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‚ÄčAbout the Nutri-Gold program

Nutri-Gold is a biosolids to land application program managed by EPCOR. Since 1979 the Nutri-Gold program has provided farmers with liquid biosolids from the Clover Bar Lagoons.

Biosolids are residual material from domestic wastewater treatment. They contain essential plant nutrients and organic matter that, when properly treated and managed, can be applied as a fertilizer and soil amendment.

All municipalities that provide sanitary drainage services treat wastewater in order to return water to its source and manage the biosolids that remain. In the City of Edmonton, biosolids are generated by the Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant (GBWWTP) and the Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission (ACRWC).

Benefits of biosolids for farmers

Biosolids greatly reduce dependence on commercial fertilizers, improve soil structure, reduce erosion and increase the soil's ability to absorb and retain water.

Properly prepared biosolids provide a rich source of the essential fertilizer elements needed by plants to produce food. Essential soil nutrients include carbon, phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen, sulphur, selenium, iron, magnesium, boron, copper and zinc. Plants take these nutrients and, with sunlight and water, manufacture organic carbon-rich macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats and proteins).

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Participate in the Nutri-Gold program

The Nutri-Gold program is available for any crop-producing farmers within a 70 to 100 km radius of the Clover Bar Biosolids Recycling Facility. There is no charge for biosolids to farmers participating in Nutri-Gold, providing farmers in the program with substantial savings on fertilizer application.

Biosolids are delivered right to farmers' fields in a semi-liquid state by large tanker trucks and are professionally spread onto fields by specialized contractors hired by EPCOR. EPCOR is responsible for safely delivering and applying the biosolids.

Program restrictions

EPCOR follows the regulations of Alberta Environment & Parks' Guidelines for the Application of Municipal Wastewater Sludge to Agricultural Lands in Alberta.

These regulations include sample testing of soil for pH, nutrients and biosolids metals. The concentration of some nutrients in biosolids is high, so biosolids can only be spread on a field every three to four years, depending upon soil analysis. The guidelines also establish minimum distances from residences, lakes, streams, rivers and drinking water supplies. Nutri-Gold is only offered within a radius of 70 km to 100 km from the Clover Bar Biosolids Recycling Facility due to the costs of transporting the biosolids.