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​About the Nutri-Gold program

Nutri-Gold is a biosolids to land application program managed by EPCOR. Since 1979 the Nutri-Gold program has provided farmers with liquid biosolids from the Clover Bar Lagoons.

Biosolids are leftover material from domestic wastewater treatment. They contain essential plant nutrients and organic matter that, when properly treated and managed, can be used as a fertilizer and soil amendment.

In the City of Edmonton, biosolids are generated by the Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant (GBWWTP) and the Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission (ACRWC).

Benefits of biosolids for farmers

Biosolids greatly reduce dependence on commercial fertilizers, improve soil structure, reduce erosion and improve the soil's ability to absorb and retain water.

Properly prepared biosolids provide a rich source of the essential fertilizer elements needed by plants. These nutrients include carbon, phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen, sulphur, selenium, iron, magnesium, boron, copper and zinc. 

Learn more about how biosolids are created.

Participate in the Nutri-Gold program

Farmers within a 70 to 100 km radius of the Clover Bar Biosolids Recycling Facility can participate in the Nutri-Gold program.

Biosolids are delivered right to the farmers' fields in a semi-liquid state by large tanker trucks and are professionally spread onto fields by specialized contractors hired by EPCOR. EPCOR is responsible for safely delivering and applying the biosolids. Farmers in the program are not charged for the biosolids creating significant savings on fertilizer use.

How to apply

To apply for the program fill out the Land Location Submission Form and email the completed form to

Program and eligibility restrictions

EPCOR follows the regulations of Alberta Environment & Parks' Guidelines for the Application of Municipal Wastewater Sludge to Agricultural Lands in Alberta.

Based on these regulations and our own restrictions the following conditions must be met in order for your field/crop to qualify:

  • Nutri-Gold is only offered within a radius of 70 km to 100 km from the Clover Bar Biosolids Recycling Facility due to the costs of transporting the biosolids.

  • The field must meet the minimum distance requirements from environmentally or socially sensitive features (see the guidelines on page 20).

  • A soil sample is required to check the pH level. A soil pH of at least 6.5 is needed, but fields with a pH between 6.0 and 6.5 can be allowed if you're willing to participate in research protocol.

  • The land must slope less than 9%.

  • Biosolids cannot be applied to lands grazed by cattle.

  • Biosolids are not recommended for root crops, tobacco, crops eaten raw or crops used in dairy farm pasturing. Biosolids are best used on small grains, dried legumes, trees or commercial sod.

Give us your feedback on the program

If you have participated in the Nutri-Gold program, please let us know what you thought by filling out our Customer Satisfaction Survey and emailing the completed form to