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​the biggest wave for front-line workers


Though we are all doing our part to slow the spread of the virus, we know first-hand that many people are looking for ways to help and say thank you during this pandemic.

We wanted to do our part and help ignite the spirit of Edmontonians in our own unique movement that helped our community show their gratitude for all front-line workers.

EPCOR called on social and community influencers to help kick-start Edmonton's biggest wave ever on social media. Much like the fan support you'd see during a live game in a stadium, this virtual-wave will symbolize the collective gratitude Edmontonians have for those who are at the front lines of this pandemic.

​In the end, more than 400 people submitted a wave video to help us thank our front line workers. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Check out the finished wave video here.

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