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​Aggregated Data Release Notice

This is to provide notification that EDTI (EPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc.) has provided aggregated information listing the site count and total consumption for all sites greater than 250 mWh at a cost of $0.00/report.

EPCOR Distribution and Transmission Inc. (EDTI) AUC Rule 21 Settlement System Code 2.8 -Load Settlement Disclosure and Protection.

  1. Zone 1001 Load, Loss, UFE

  2. Zone 1001 Net System Load Shape / Unmetered Night Profile / Unmetered Flat Profile

  3. Net System Load
    Load settlement systems must have the capability to accommodate profiling classes split from NSLS, based on load research or deemed methods. The net system load (NSL) shall be calculated for each hour as:

    (Total system load) – [(Sum of interval metered customers) + (Sum of deemed loads) + (Sum of loads for load-research-based profiled classes) + (Sum of known losses)]

    Net System Load Shape
    NSLS for a period is calculated by dividing the hourly NSL by the sum over hours in the period of the NSL.
  4. Loss Method
    Loss calculation procedures and specific factors used in the calculations will be clearly reported to Retailers and to client WSPs at all times. Any changes to these procedures will be announced ninety days in advance to allow Retailers reasonable time to adjust their supply and sales contracts.
  5. Rate Class   Tariff Factor     Tariff Rate Code  
    Residential     3.00% EDM_R    
    Small Commercial 3.00% EDM_SC
    Medium Commercial 3.00% EDM_MC
    150 to 4,999 kVA 3.00% EDM_TOU
    Direct Connects 0.00% EDM_DC
    150 to 4,999 kVA - Primary  3.00% EDM_TOUP
    >5,000 kvA - Primary (CS) See Below EDM_CS
    CST 0.10% EDM_CST
    Street Lights 3.00% EDM_SL
    Traffic Lights 3.00% EDM_TL
    Lane Lights 3.00% EDM_LL
    Security Lights 3.00% EDM_SEL

    For information on loss factor percentages for Customer Specific sites, please refer to the latest System Access Service Tariff Schedule.

  6. Meter Read Completion Percentages