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Future of the Grid

April 10, 2019
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Think of yourself as a prosumer of power—someone who consumes and produces electricity. You generate your own power, using it to heat your home, fuel your driverless car, and keep your smart fridge running so it can order this week's groceries.

Welcome to the future and the electrification of energy.

In the future, we will use more electricity, more efficiently, and in different ways. How are utilities preparing for this? By transforming the electrical grid, says EPCOR's Darren McCrank, Director of System Operations, Distribution and Transmission.

"Great advances in electrical distribution and grid technologies have been unfolding, creating new opportunities for industry and prosumers alike. The end state has been to green our electricity needs while at the same time, maintaining the level of service we enjoy today."

Darren sees the EPCOR of tomorrow being an energy platform provider, not just a provider of electricity services. It will support electric vehicles, small scale power generation, energy storage and micro-grids—all scattered throughout the city.

"Power will be moving in different directions and we'll be making transactions at the micro level with prosumers. Flexibility will be critically important." He explains "EPCOR is investing in technology platforms today to get there and to ensure our system remains reliable as the grid grows more complex."