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Building a drainage system that guarantees protection against flooding is impossible. Many homes and commercial areas were built prior to the development of city-wide surface drainage plans and procedures in 1993.

Surface drainage problems that developed slowly over a period of years, such as settlement at the foundation walls, can become evident after rainstorms or during snow melt. Also, re-grading or re-development (e.g. in-fill housing) can create drainage problems or highlight existing problems, and result in basement flooding or property damage.

Keep your catch basins clear

Help prevent surface drainage problems from snow melt with these maintenance tips.

To help property owners examine their own property, EPCOR provides a complimentary Flood Prevention Home Check-up service that focuses on flood control and maintenance strategies to protect your property. Call (780) 944-7777 or email to book a visit by a Flood Prevention Advisor (our email and phones are monitored Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm).