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​We're refunding customer deposits for San Tan District customers - Watch for a credit on your bill

Under the previous owner, some San Tan district customers were required to make deposits when they started their water and/or wastewater services.

As we get ready to integrate our new San Tan customers into EPCOR's account management system, we're starting now to make changes that will benefit customers, including 24/7 access to EPCOR customer care.

We're also refunding existing deposits back to those San Tan customers who were required to provide them by the previous utility owner. Those customers will see them appear as a credit on their March bill.

Who does this apply to?

Customers who were not able to establish credit when they opened their accounts were previously required to provide a deposit. This was a process under the previous owner – EPCOR does not collect or require customer deposits.

How much will customers get back?

We expect the average refund to be a little more than $100, depending on your class of service (e.g. water, wastewater or both).

How and when will customers get their refunds?

Those customers receiving a refund will see it as a credit on their March bill.